Monday: Boardgame Night: Casual night for boardgames.

Tuesday:  Pauper Pyramid

Wednesday: Dungeons & Dragons: Encounters: Every Wednesday

Friday: Friday Night Magic: Standard Format Tournament, ($5),4:00. Draft Tournament ($15) at 6:30. EDH 4 Player Pods (FREE)

Sunday:  Magic Commander (EDH): Casual Commander play.

Pauper Pyramid

Weekly Events

magic: Dragons of Tarkir


March 20, Friday Night, Midnight

March 21, Saturday Afternoon, 1:00

March 22, Sunday Afternoon, 1:00

Sealed Format, $25 Entry Fee

All tournaments will be full Swiss rounds with a top 8 cut. This was the overwhelming response from those that voted. Thank you.

Launch Weekend

March 28, Saturday Throughout the Day

8 Player Pod Tournaments

Sealed Format

$25 Entry Fee, 3 Rounds

Go 3-0 and receive 8 Packs of Fate Reforged

Go 2-0 then lose and receive 4 Packs of Fate Reforged

Go 2-1 and receive 2 Packs of Fate Reforged


$15 Entry Fee, 3 Rounds

Go 3-0 and receive 4 Packs of Fate Reforged

Go 2-0 then lose and receive 2 Packs of Fate Reforged

Go 2-1 and receive 1 Pack of Fate Reforged

Pack Wars

$8 Entry Fee, Single Elimination

Win and receive a new pack for the next round

Go 3-0 and receive 2 extra packs

International TableTop Day

Saturday, April 11

Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing

Saturday, March 14, Noon

$10 Entry Fee

Magic: Preliminary PTQ

Saturday, May 9

This will be a sealed format tournament, with details coming soon.

Free rpg day

Saturday, June 20

A day dedicated to role playing. We'll have several games to choose from, and a host of free stuff to give away.

Dungeons and Dragons: Adventurers League

D&D Encounters every Wednesday night, starting at 6:00.

We would also like to schedule more

groups on Wednesdays, plus run some


To do so, we need more DMs to

volunteer to run. If you are

interested, please contact us via our

Contact Page.

Thank you.

Customer loyalty

We have begun our Customer Loyalty Program!

For each $20 you spend, before sales tax, you'll receive $1 credit. The credit is good on select, limited merchandise. Partial purchases carry over, and the credit does not expire. Currently, we have 2 items for sale in this program. We have the Paddy's Game Shoppe jackets for $25, and the Khaaaaaans playmats for $15.

Please remember to let the sales person know you are enrolled in the program when they check you out.

Monday-Thursday: Noon - 9:00 pm

Friday: Noon - After FNM (Approximately midnight)

Saturday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Sunday: Noon - 6:00 pm

Store Hours