Paddy's Game Shoppe

Weekly Events:
  Nearly All the Time:  Open Gaming
  Monday:  5:30 Mini-Monday,  
     featuring Warmachine and Hordes
  Tuesday:  6:00 Coloring Night
  Wednesday:  5:30: Dungeons & Dragons
  Thursday:  Circus Imperium/Board Game      Night, Granite Crossing and Savage 

     Worlds RPGs
  Friday:  Friday Night Magic:  
     Afternoon to Close:  League      
     6:30:  Draft ($15)
  Saturday:  Pokemon League
  Sunday:  12:00:  Casual EDH Magic

Welcome To Paddy's Game Shoppe
We're glad you stopped by, and we hope you'll come in to see us in person!
Paddy's is a game store that specializes in table top games. Board games, cards, dice, role-playing, miniatures, etc. We have an extensive variety of games and game accessories. We also carry Melissa & Doug toys, puzzles, yo-yos, Hexbugs, figurines, and a few other odds and ends.
We have a large play area for events, and open play. You can often find someone in playing a game. Along with this space, we have a large library of games for you to try playing.

Store Hours:
     Monday - Thursday:  10:00 - 9:00
     Friday:  10:00 - After Tournament
                    (9:00 to 1:00)
     Saturday:  10:00 - 9:00
     Sunday:  Noon - 6:00

Magic: Aether Revolt

Preorder Specials:

Booster Box:  $110

Case of Boosters (6 boxes): $600

Bundle:  $40

Box plus Bundle:  $140

Prerelease Weekend


Sealed Tournaments:

Friday, January, 13, Midnight

Saturday, January 14, Noon

Sunday, January 15, Noon

2-Headed Giant:

Saturday, January 14, 5:00

Entry Fee:

$25 per person per event

Sealed Event Prizes:

1 Pack plus 1 Pack per Win

2-Headed Giant Prizes:

1 Pack plus 1 Pack per Win, 3-0 gets Extra Pack

More information here.

Magic Game Day


Standard Tournaments:

Saturday, February 11, Noon

Sunday, February 12, Noon

Entry Fee:

$8 per Event


1 Pack plus 1 Pack per Win

More information here.

Colt Express Tournaments


Saturday, January 21, Noon

Sunday, February 5, Noon

Entry Fee:

$5 per Tournament

Each Tournament limited to 12 Entrants


All Entrants:  Set of cursed Loot Tokens

Top 2:  A Train Station

Champion: Colt Express Playmat

More information here and here.

Evolution: Climate


Saturday, January 28, Noon

Entry Fee:

$5 per Entrant

Limited to 16 Entrants


All Entrants: Alternate Art Hibernation Pack

Top 4:  Foil Night Prowler Pack

Champion:  Carnivore Dino Meeple

More information here.

Paddy's Championship Football Party

Sunday, February 5, 11:00 until the Super Bowl is over.

FREE to attend, modest fee to partake in food and snacks

Open Gaming all day. Big football game on the big TV

More information here.

Pokemon Prerelease

Saturday, January 28.

Details coming soon.