Store Hours:
     Monday - Thursday:  10:00 - 9:00
     Friday:  10:00 - After Tournament
                    (9:00 to 1:00)
     Saturday:  10:00 - 9:00
     Sunday:  Noon - 6:00

Magic: Kaladesh
Game Days
October 22-23

  Noon Both Days
Entry Fees (Tax Included)
  Standard Format: $5
  Full Swiss rounds with cut

WarmaHordes Tournament

Saturday, October 15

Check in at 11:30

Start Time: Noon

More Info Here!

Magic League

Beginning with the launch of Kaladesh, we'll be running a Magic League!
Meet and play every Friday, with other make up days.
Details forthcoming.

Celebrate on Oct 29 With Us!

Pokemon XY Evolutions Prerelese

October 29

Play in the prerelease for the Pokemon XY Evolutions Set

$25 Entry Fee

Start Time:  11:00

More Info Here!

Paddy's Downtown Pokewalk

October 29

Follow up the Pokemon Prerelease with a Pokewalk in downtown St. Cloud.

There are plenty of gyms and pokestops to visit, along with a host of other stores to discover.

More Info Here!

Star Wars: Imperial Assault

October 29

Start Time: 11:00

Entry Fee: $10

More Info Here!

Star Wars: X-Wing

October 29

Start Time: 4:00

Entry Fee:  $10

More Info Here!

Costumes and Gaming Night

Stay, or come in to join us in playing games!

We'll play a variety of games and have some door prizes!

Earn extra tickets by coming in costume, coming in a Pokemon or Star Wars (TM) themed costume, and by bringing a donation for the food shelf!

Game of Thrones Tournament

October 15

Start Time: 4:00

Entry Fee: $10

More Info Here!

The Crafty Gamer!

Sunday, October 16

Are you a Gamer that Crafts? A Crafter that knows a Gamer? Come join us to make game related crafts. This month's craft is Dragonscale Gauntlets!

2:00 to 8:00

More Info Here!

AEG Demo Game Day!

Friday, October 28

6:00 p.m. to Close

Come in to learn some of the new AEG Games.

More Info Here!

Welcome To Paddy's Game Shoppe
We're glad you stopped by, and we hope you'll come in to see us in person!
Paddy's is a game store that specializes in table top games. Board games, cards, dice, role-playing, miniatures, etc. We have an extensive variety of games and game accessories. We also carry Melissa & Doug toys, puzzles, yo-yos, Hexbugs, figurines, and a few other odds and ends.
We have a large play area for events, and open play. You can often find someone in playing a game. Along with this space, we have a large library of games for you to try playing.

Paddy's Game Shoppe

Weekly Events:
  Nearly All the Time:  Open Gaming
  Monday:  5:30 Mini-Monday,  
     featuring Warmachine and Hordes
  Tuesday:  6:00 Coloring Night
  Wednesday:  5:30: Dungeons & Dragons
  Thursday:  Circus Imperium/Board Game      Night, Granite Crossing and Savage 

     Worlds RPGs
  Friday:  Friday Night Magic:  
     Afternoon to Close:  League      
     6:30:  Draft ($15)
  Saturday:  Pokemon League
  Sunday:  12:00:  Casual EDH Magic